Prophet Muhammed (P) On Priests

Another day, more innocent lives are taken by extremist savages. I really don’t know how to respond to the dreadful murders that has took place in Kabul, Iraq, Munich and now in a church in Rouen, in northern France.

Few days ago was the mass murder of nine innocent souls in Munich, Germany. It was carried out by David Sonboly, a right-wing neo-Nazifollower, who was inspired by Andres Breivik. Then there was the killing of 80 Muslims by Daesh, in Kabul.

Today in France, reports have emerged that two men slit Abbe Jacques Hamel’s throat, an 84-year-old priest.
While the perpetrators killed Abbe Jacques they shouted ‘Daesh’ (an offensive word used by Arabs against ISIS).

As Muslims we pray for the families in Kabul, Iraq, Munich and Rouen, France. We hope God Almighty brings peace to those who are going through this dreadful time.

These savages who have perpetuated these heinous crimes against innocent people, whether they call themselves ‘Muslim’ or ‘Christian’ do not represent, nor follow the teachings that is enshrined in our scriptures.

What happened to father Abbe Jacques Hamel, has no relation to Islam’s teachings. These men are barbarians that are far from the core teachings Prophet Muhammed (p) brought.

The Prophet and his Companions categorically forbade and abhorred any killing of women, children, monks and hermits.

“…DO NOT transgress by killing women, Children, monks and the like,’ as will be explained. … there is a Hadith reported by Ibn Ibn Umar that, during one of his expeditions the Messenger of Allah, saw a woman who had been killed and he ABHORRED THAT and FORBADE the killing of women and children. As for logic, it applies to children and those like them, like MONKS, the chronically ill, OLD MEN and hirelings WHO CLEARLY SHOULD NOT BE KILLED. When Abu Bakr sent Yazid Ibn Abi Sufwan to Syria, he commanded that he should not do harm to certain groups. Malik and others transmitted this. …” (Tafsir Al Qurtubi, Classical Commentary Of The Holy Qur’an, [Dar al-Taqwa], volume 1, page 490 – 491)

When Caliph Abu Bakr Siddique sent his soldiers to Syria, he said to have given the followings commandments:

“When you enter that country, KILL NEITHER OLD MAN, nor little child, nor woman. Do not pull down a pillar saint from his place. DO NOT INJURE THE MONKS, FOR THEY HAVE SET THEMSELVES APART TO WORSHIP GOD. Do not cut down a tree nor uproot a plant. Do not rip up any ox, cow, or sheep. If a province or people receive you, make an agreement with them and your promise. Let them be governed by their own laws and established customs, and take tribute from them as is agreed between you. Leave them in their religion and their land.” (The Caliphs And Their Non-Muslim Subjects: A Critical Study Of The Covenant Of Umar [Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press – London Bombay Calcutta Madras, 1930], by Arthur Stanley Tritton, page 137)

The good and kind treatment by Prophet Muhammed and his successors to Priests has been attested by early non-Muslim sources.

Isho-yahbh the Bishop, who was a Christian patriarch in the years 647 to 657 A.D., states:

“The Arabs, to whom God gave the dominion over the World, behave to us as you know. They are not hostile to Christianity, but praise our religion, honour the priests and saints, and help the Churches and Monasteries.” (The Book of Governors: The Historia Monastica of Thomas, Bishop of Marga A.D.840. [Edited From Syriac manuscripts In The British Museum And Other Libraries by E. A. Wallis Budge, Litt. D., F. S. A., – London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., LTD. Paternoster House, Charing Cross Road. 1893], volume 2, page 126)

The kind and just treatment towards non-Muslims by Muhammad (p) and his successors is the true essence of Islam. Islam is based on peace and tolerance towards others. These barbarians who continue to cause havoc against innocent Muslims and non-Muslims, are evil. These evil individuals seek to divide and spread hate amongst us.

Don’t let these barbarians make you hate another person who comes from a particular faith. Stand firm, and be one of those who brings people together in humanity.

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Abbe Jacques Hamel, picture credit: P. Cédric BURGUN

Abbe Jacques Hamel, picture credit: P. Cédric BURGUN

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